25 april 2024, online

Partner Days online: Release your inner spirit animal

It was great to see you all again (or for the first time, welcome University of Bonn!) online. We discussed progress on our deliverables, according to Erac and by country, began thinking about the idea of an innovation parade and held the second working session of the Transnational Working Groups. If you don't have acces to the Erac Teams environment, please contact alyssa@bureaudoor.nl

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25 January 2024, FR

Partner Days Circular Reno: Tout est possible á Lille

We had a full two-day programme together, discussing the progress of our work packages, working on our transnational working groups and visiting several sites in France. Luckily, in between we also had some time to get acquainted on a bit more of a personal level. 

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4 January 2024, UK

Energiesprong wins Gold World Habitat Award for Project Revolutionizing Home Retrofitting

Energiesprong is very happy to announce today that it has been awarded the prestigious Gold World Habitat Award. This award recognises Energiesprongs innovative and financially sustainable approach to addressing climate change and improving energy efficiency in the building sector.

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1 January 2024, FR

Circular Reno x Cluster Eco Construction

15 partenaires de Belgique, d'Allemagne, de France, d'Irlande et des Pays-Bas coopèrent au projet Circular Reno, qui couvre la période 2023 - 2026.  

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22 December 2023, The Netherlands

Provincie Noord-Brabant investeert 1,53 miljoen in biobased economie

De provincie Noord-Brabant maakt de komende jaren € 1,53 miljoen vrij om de biobased (land)bouweconomie in de regio aan te jagen. Dit doen ze in samenwerking met Building Balance. De provinciale bijdrage is vorige week goedgekeurd door Gedeputeerde Staten voor de periode 2024-2027.

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22 November 2023, The Netherlands

Newsletter November – Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter at a time when the news hits us with wars, fear and despair, with only an occasional glimmer of light. The climate crisis is also far from over, but the movement dedicated to tackling this challenge is growing. Its voice is getting louder, its voice is being heard. Energiesprong feels part of this global movement. We know that we can’t solve such a big problem all at once, we have to take small steps. With our everlasting efforts we are taking these small steps, with heart and soul.

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8 November 2023, The Netherlands

Circular Reno x Building Balance: NABB

On the 8th of November The National Approach to Biobased Construction (NABB) was presented. Four ministries, BZK, I&W, LNV and EZK, are allocating 200 million euros to stimulate the large-scale use of bio-based building materials. Building Balance will be the implementing organization for this plan and will focus on setting up and supporting chains.

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22 september 2023, online

Partner Days online Circular Reno: learning together even when we are apart 

It was a pleasure to see all of you during our online partner meeting that was all about the progress of the work packages. We had a full agenda and to keep a nice overview here is a recap of the meeting. We are going to share our documents on SharePoint. Please contact sander@erac.nl if you cannot access this.

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11 & 12 July 2023, The Netherlands

Partner days Circular Reno; a little bit of magic in The Netherlands

We had two very exciting days in the Netherlands and were inspirated by the sight visits in Almere, Arnhem and Lemelerveld! First, we were amazed by all the bio-based materials at The Naturel Pavilion and then we got blown away visiting our partners Miscancell and RC panels.

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6 June 2023, France

Kick-off Circular Reno: Bienvenue à Lille

What a blast did we have at our first Circular Reno meeting in Lille! We were thrilled to introduce you all to our new project.

The day started with an introduction of Circular Reno & setting up biobased value chains in the Netherlands. 

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6 June 2023, France

Nouveau projet Interreg : Circular Reno

Le Cluster participe activement à la programmation Interreg North-West Europe via un tout nouveau projet : Circular Reno

La nouvelle vague Interreg VI a démarré.

Le programme Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) encourage la coopération transnationale pour faire de l'Europe du Nord-Ouest un acteur économique clé et un lieu de travail et de vie attrayant, avec des niveaux élevés d'innovation, de durabilité et de cohésion. Interreg North-West Europe finance des organisations pour qu'elles collaborent sur des thèmes spécifiques comme l’économie circulaire dans notre cas.

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30 May 2023

Exciting projects: Global Alliance

With the Global Alliance focusing on more than energy transition alone, we are thrilled to introduce you to some of our new projects. 

We’ve got our teeth into the new Interreg NWE project ‘Circular Reno’, where we’ll develop biobased & recycled / reused material solutions for retrofits. The focus will be on delivering 4 scalable biobased deep energy retrofit packages for both social and individual housing on 4 sites (in total 88 homes), using a range of biobased solutions, experimenting with the different biobased materials (straw, wood, etc.) that grow in various countries.

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