25 april 2024, online

Partner Days Circular Reno: online

After our Partner Days in Lille & Calais, there is a new partner meeting scheduled. This will be an online meeting on the 25th of April. More information about the Partner Days will follow shortly.

15 november 2023, Lille & Calais

Partner Days Circular Reno: Lille & Calais

It is a new year and that means new Partner Days! On the 25th and the 26th we are thrilled to be back in Lille & Calais. More information about the Partner Days will follow shortly. 

22 september 2023, online

Online partner meeting Circular Reno; learning together even when we are apart 

It was a pleasure to see all of you during our online partner meeting that was all about the progress of the work packages. We had a full agenda and to keep a nice overview here is a recap of the meeting. We are going to share our documents on SharePoint. Please contact sander@erac.nl if you cannot access this.

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11 & 12 July 2023, The Netherlands

Partner days Circular Reno; a little bit of magic in The Netherlands

We had two very exciting days in the Netherlands and were inspirated by the sight visits in Almere, Arnhem and Lemelerveld! First, we were amazed by all the bio-based materials at The Naturel Pavilion and then we got blown away visiting our partners Miscancell and RC panels.

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6 June 2023, France

Kick-off Circular Reno: Bienvenue à Lille

What a blast did we have at our first Circular Reno meeting in Lille! We were thrilled to introduce you all to our new project.

The day started with an introduction of Circular Reno & setting up biobased value chains in the Netherlands

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